The lies of the internet continues… tsk tsk

Well some people just dont know neither proper etiquette on the web, or apparently anywere else in life.
Not realising that spreading lies is simply no good, a guy started spreading the story that he got an McDonalds switched to Ubuntu Linux. This was of course good news that a Linux distro was accepted into another mainstream place… had it been true that is.

After finding out he got Dugg, the author of the McDonald’s story admits it was a fake. What’s even more interesting is what happened after the Digg community shined a light on this guy. Since I broke the story, I thought it only fair to be the one to followup on it.

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  1. I would have posted this at but for some reason my new computer won’t let me post it there. It keeps saying to make sure I have imagic or something. I’m not computer literate enough to figure it out, so I am posting it here & hope that you or someone who knows how to post there will post it over there too.

    I just happened across this site & had to speak up.
    All the information that was posted on that creep, Patrick Keefer, is public information & can be accessed by anyone who knows how to use the internet. It should be posted all over the place to warn people about this little boy who is out of control. His anger controls him & he gets mad over the most childish things & then lashes out in destructive ways.
    So for those of you who do not know this guy let me tell you that he IS a creep, a hacker & one of the lowest slimes that ever slithered onto the internet! The people who own this site are not the only ones who have noticed! He has made MANY enemies online & I’m sure is in the process of making more as I type!
    He hacks into peoples computers & places harmfull things on their computers. I am totally serious about this! So if you are going to do anything short of getting a lawyer & going after him, you better know how to hack back. And he declares that he is THE BEST HACKER & noone can stop him. So know what you are doing before you confront him or you will be buying another computer also.
    I have sat back & watched him at work for quite some time until finally I had to speak up at a forum that he was at because I felt he was wrong. When I did, he immediately came into my computer & dropped a malicious file that took over my computer. Being unable to get it off, I eventually went out & purchased a new computer, which I really could not afford at the time.
    He has just now attacked several other people at the forum that he frequents & one guy is so pissed he has swore to hunt him down & kick his ass. And he will deserve everything he gets IF it EVER catches up with him!!!

    If you know how to hack & you think you are as good as he is at it (because he swears there is none better than he is) visit & give it a try. He has 2 nicknames there. TechSonic & Beast & they say that his dad is also a member there who goes by the nickname OldEarl.
    I wish someone WOULD get him for all the damage he has done to other people. He is slime & my only consulation is that eventually his anger will catch up with him when he runs into that hacker or person that is BIGGER & BETTER than he is!!!!!!!!
    I’m glad that not everyone is just sitting by letting him do what he does without warning others! Everyone needs to know about this creep!!!!

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