Well it’s busy time, but at least i got my food ;)

Im having a busy week so far. Been called into work most days so far since we have almost the whole department sick. 2 are in bed with injuries and 2 are sick … But of course i need to come in since i need the money and hey it’s alot of fun working there 😉

Anyhow school is kinda busy as well, but mostly with trying to catch up on the reading … been quite alot i feel. However we should be getting to more interesting stuff to do since the project work is about to start up. We should be developing a scriping/programming language for mobile applications e.g. smartphones. Should be fun and hopefully we will get some fancy smartphone to toy with 😉

If course i dont have time to mess aorund with this site… im sorry to say. I have 2 website im making for some clients so thats keeping me a bit busy in the spare time that i actually do have. Dont tou just hate it when people dont really know what they want ?;)    But i will of course get back to putting some news on here soon.. 😀

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