Me thinks me see updates in the horizon

Today was the final mini project i have this semester at the university. Thus i have about a month comming up with nothing but exam prep and work. This also means that i will have a bunch of free time. I have plans of keeping up with my painting now, learning the guitar (got a teacher) and also working on my magic act 😉

Its gonna be a few days before i will have any updates on speedpaintings since im still getting into the ol’ workflow and undecided on my primary painting application. Anyhow lets get down to some concent, shall we!

  • Better Gmail, an extension for firefox making various changes for your gmail interface. I have tested it for a bit now and im really happy with all the changes like new skins for the interface. Also small stuff like adding, removing feats. So check out; Better Gmail
  • Mark Shuttleworth, blogs about the recent announcement on Dell offering Ubuntu as an alternative on their computers. Read what he has to say here:  A free software milestone
  • Only a few days after Corel issued a WinDVD update to close the hole opened by AACS hackers, the folks at the Doom9 forums sent word that they have found yet another way around the copy protection for high definition discs. Read more about it here:  New AACS cracks cannot be revoked, says hacker

Well thats it for now. But rest assured that i will be back .. after all i got nothing better to do 😉

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