Cannon2 is done! XNA here I come!

Okay last night I finally finished the Cannon2 game. This time around the game is still coded in win forms, but emulating the way XNA supposedly works even more.

A few “bugs” compared to Cannon1 is that the window can be resized and maximized for now. I wont bother fixing this problem right away, as it is quite trivial to fix and would only waste time.

The scoring visual is intended to stay on screen after the game ends, to make the score visible from the previous game. It is quick and crude, but it works 😀

Version History:

  • 1.1 – Game with scoring system
  • 1.0 – Initial game


Cannon 2 version 1.1

2 Replies to “Cannon2 is done! XNA here I come!”

  1. Screen shots are almost identical to Cannon 1 for now.. i am waiting for my Cannon 3 edition (coding it tonight) in XNA to make some new graphics and i have a small feature list i want to implement also 😉

    I want to have adjustable difficulty, better graphics, hi-score table and perhaps even some adjustable controls 😀

    Will post more when its getting there 😉

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