Cannon3 (XNA) done!

Version 1.1 of my Cannon3 game done entirely in XNA is now finished.

I quickly included a small scoring system that basically updates the score throughout the game, and after the player dies it keeps the score displayed until the next game starts.

For now the graphics are the default improved graphics from the course, as I want to focus on my development, coding, skills rather than spend time making graphics for now.

But I WILL be making Cannon3 with more features. I just need to learn more about XNA to actually do so. Had some trouble getting the text displayed properly and still need to figure out a way to display it on the right side without using “magic numbers” as the solution is right now.

without further delay ..I present … Cannon 3 !




Version History:

  • 1.1 – Game with scoring system
  • 1.0 – Initial game


Canon 3 version 1.2


Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable 1.0 Refresh

2 Replies to “Cannon3 (XNA) done!”

  1. Hey,

    I would love to play it, but for some reason it doesn’t work. I’m using XNA myself to code, so I’m sure I’ve got the required software. Stop around at my website some time if you want to share your game design and programming ideas.


  2. I have been experiencing some problems as well. I dont get it really.. but i think it be my inspiration to make an small application to check for installed XNA components.

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