The lies of the internet continues… tsk tsk

Well some people just dont know neither proper etiquette on the web, or apparently anywere else in life.
Not realising that spreading lies is simply no good, a guy started spreading the story that he got an McDonalds switched to Ubuntu Linux. This was of course good news that a Linux distro was accepted into another mainstream place… had it been true that is.

After finding out he got Dugg, the author of the McDonald’s story admits it was a fake. What’s even more interesting is what happened after the Digg community shined a light on this guy. Since I broke the story, I thought it only fair to be the one to followup on it.

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Site operational again

Hey all.
Had some small downtime here since i accidently deleted some entries in the database during the restoration of another peice of backup for a private forum 🙁
This partly also resulted in this site being briefly named “tja” apparently as some joker decided to try and install my wordpress install i didnt complete.

Anyhow i have now installed it again and everything should be beginning to fill out shortly contentwise 😉