What a weekend :D!!

Okay that was fun ! 😀
Friday started with poker with the guys around 10 in the morning at the university. After a case of beers, we continued the game at the bar and somehow the party thinned out as we drank more and more 😀 We hit the town for some pool, and somebody got the idea to goto another town to party there.
We tried taking the train and after a “short” delay of the train, we were on our way. However unable to buy tickets onboard the train we got “kicked off” to buy tickets, and didnt have enought time so the train left us stranded hehe Oh well so we drank for around 2 hours in that town, and took the last train our to the original destination 😀
There we had a bit of fun at a private party, however when we hit the town it got boring 🙁 Oh well pizza and time to crash at a friends place 😀 So we basically woke up in another city after a party hehe 😀

The rest of the weekend was a heck of alot quieter, with some good oldschool movies (Turtles 1 and 2 are hillarious!) and nothing else 😀 Sunday was relaxation and now we have monday 😀

The week is gonna be pretty much my head buried in a book, or my computer doing alot of studies 😀 😀