And a voice cried out “It is done!”

Yep final exam passed 😉

So now i got my summer vacation ahead of me. That is vacation in the sence i have two jobs im juggeling through out the whole summer to make ends meet 😉
The rest of this week is pretty booked up with alot of work, since we have to get the whole exibit (first job) setup before saturday, were we open for the public. But most of next week is pretty much open, so i should be starting speedpainting there i hope 😀

Also i have decided on getting a new theme on the site, and already looked at a couple, that i hope to play around with before the weekend 😀

So updates will be comming at more frequent intervals than once every 14 days from now on. Also im considering posting stuff via, but havent decided yet. Easy way to post some of the news i find interesting, but at the same time it’s not really my own content. So dont konw yet about that.

Uhmm wrapping up here, before i head to bed to get ready for tomorrow. Yeah check out Zach Braffs new homepage. It’s pretty cool, with some nice video blog posts and previews on the upcomming movie The Last Kiss. Links to some awsome music, were he plugs Joshua Radin amongs others. I also highly reccomend his mucis (Joshua Radin) .. especially “closer” and “winter”. Favorite songs, that i plan on learning on my guitar when i get better 😀

Thats it for now. Just letting you all know im back baby ! 😀

Two down, two to go

Okay the day i can continue posting random wierd crazy thoughts (like i have much else huh ?) here. I have passed 2 out of 4 exams this semester so far.. so only around two more weeks untill i can both start painting, and posting 😀 Yah!

Anyhow weather is being great and things are picking up 😉 Studying is getting alot better and hopefully i can pass all my exams and have a good summer 😀

So untill then i will be afk, gone, not here alot, mostly around and somewhere in the vecinity of that place im near…. uhmm yeah … like that. !!!!

Been a month already ?!

Okay im sorry for not updating anything for the past month.

Been crazy busy with the project, which we finished in time and handed in last week. Then we had a smaller programming assignment to finish and not its the dreaded exam time. So i will propably be pretty much laying off the site for the following 3 weeks time.. but after that i will be back for better or worse 😀