almost there…

The first is getting close. Im currently studying up for my upcomming exam on the 31st 😀

The first linux video has been getting some good response from the “private” testing group. Im still redoing most of it, but seems like this project might take off and get popular 😉 hehe Anyhow as soon as i find the time (thinking friday afternoon) i will re-record it and release it properly for you all 😀

Nothing much is going on other than that… getting ready for the next semester, and trying to stay on top of all the things im involved in 😀

Peace out! 😀

Is this thing on ?

Well im sorry about the whole no writing at all thing here on this website.

I have been crazy busy with alot of things. My top priority right now is recording the first Linux Video Tutorial. We have some great stuff in store for the history video, but more on that later on.
I want to thank the people posting comments here, and let everybody know that i AM still working on it. Just been a little hard to fit everything in at the same time, meanwhile trying to make time for my new Girlfriend with whom i want to spend as much time as possible since shes moving to another city in less than 2 weeks from now.
On top of everything i have had a ton of trouble with my laptop for recording of sound, but should be working today. Finally i have 3 arrangements for the upcomming semester at the university that take up time. Helping arrange the first days of university for new students, making some social arrangements for the new people and planning our upcomming study trip to San Francisco and Los Angeles. On TOP of everything else my 2 jobs have been crazy busy leaving me pretty much wasted each evening when i get home 🙁 To top off everything i have little to no time left for studying for my re-examination at the end of this month ! 🙁
Well enough whining about how busy i have been !

The Linux Videos are still at GO. The update of this homepage is on the TODO list. The uploading of photographs is gonna get cancelled since i simply dont like my images enough yet. Maybe i need a better camera for what i want ? 🙁 The painting more speedpaints ect is on the TODO list, and propably wont be an issue untill mid- to late september…

So i hope everybody can bear with me a little while longer, while i get through this rough patch of busy times. So while im busy and trying to stay a float just go read all the stories on, or userfriendly. You can also try browsing through random videos on google or something. Be creative !!!

I will be back with more when there is more… hmmm yah !

Hosting for linux videos

Okay we have been offered some great hosting from one of the awsome members of 3dbuzz 😀 So things are looking good for the videos. Also the video test did go cool yesterday, so i only need sound to be running before im a recording maniac 😀

More work .. how boring huh ?

Okay i felt i had to post something now.

I have as you propably guessed taken on some more shift, plus on top of that we got this knowledge exchange thing going on that i need to participate in.
On this plus side of things my life is shaping up to it’s usual neat and ordered self. Hmm perhaps i should not have said that.. something might jinx it 😉
Anyhow right now im listening to some fine music (Garden State Soundtrack… check it out people.. also the movie !), and waiting for my laptop to finish updating the os. After that recording (xvidcap willing) on some Linux Video Tutorial series should begin.

Wow some might say … whats this all about?! Werent you doing some painting videos ? Well yes i was.. but unfortunately i have yet not been able to get all my data backed up from my stationary computer (the one i paint on), which means no format on that one yet. This again leads to the questionable performance it has right now, plus some wierd mic issues with it. If im lucky i might actually get some time next week to deal with it. But im getting ot be pretty busy.

Okay we forgive me.. yeah we do 😉 But what about the linux videos ? Well it’s not really my idea (as far as i know off hehe), but i liked it. At the forums we had this thread about some linux training videos, and somebody brought it up again. So me an RShadow thought i might be a fun idea to start shooting. So kinda impulsively i took on this task alongside all the other stuff im juggeling. wow… i need more arms really …

Uhmm what else. Yeah i have been working out more.. since i figure i have a little more time on my hands, i might as well make good use of it. Plus you feel sooooo good after a good workout.
Well my laptop is finished now so back to “work” for me. Hopefully i will be posting with some videos tomorrow, or friday. Should i fail… well wait longer 😉 Look on the bright side.. they are gonna be totally free…

I will be posting again soon, and i might hope that my growing TODO list will be cut in size sometime in the near horizon… PLEASE !!! if it gets much bigger im afraid im gonna have to buy it some sort of condo of it’s own ;|