Vacation soon, with my baby!

Okay sitting here cramming for the final exam, and all i can think about is my baby. In one week i get to spend a long weekend with my love, were we are planning to go to Tivoli and im looking forward to it very much. You can read about what she is up to on her own website My Reflections.

After that we only have one week untill we take a vacation down south together. We dont have a destination yet, since we are hoping for a cheap cancellation ticket. Cant wait to get away together with her. Just me and Yusriana in the sun, on some nice beach drinking fruit drinks 😀 And in the evening having dinner at some local restaurant with great food just the two of us.

I love you Yusriana and cant wait for neither the weekend, nor our vacation. And so exited to have you here with me for the week before we (hopefully) leave on some amazing, adventurous vacation together. Aku Sayang Kamu! 😀

Audiobooks on my iPod

Okay today i discovered what i thought didnt exist. I have some books in mp3 format, but it was so annoying to make playlist for each book, and having them mix in when i decided to shuffle all songs.

Then i finally found the solution. MP3 to iPod Audio Book Converter

With this lovely little open source application you can take your audiobooks, in whatever format you might have them in, and convert it into bookmarkable m4b files for your iPod. This means that not only will your iPod remember your last listening position in the book, but also display it under audiobooks rather than regular music.
Furthermore should your book be devided into a number of seperate mp3 files, the converter will fuse these together for easy seamless listening.

So far im enjoying it intensively when im biking to and from work, since listening to music actually got a bit boring imho. But listening to a good book (reccomend Terry Pratchets Discworld books) can put a smile on your face 😀

Constructiontown – Speedpaint

A new little speedpainting. Took about 1½ hours i would guesstimate. Tried working from some random shapes to create some kind of construction city, semi emerged in water. Enjoy 😀

Constructiontown - Speedpaint