The best laid plans of mice and men …

Needless to say my plans on getting my sketches posted here failed miserably. I opted for a quick painless format of my desktop computer, as it was getting cluttered and needed a clean slate. If only things went according to plan.
Personally i blame Murphy for making laws the absolutely say everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. My luck not everything went wrong, but enough to make me sweat 🙁 After the windows install i got a nice little scandisk during boot. Didnt figure it was anything to sweat exept since windows hadnt gotten sp2 yet, it decided that a couple of 250 gb harddrives were full of errors and basically messed them up bad 🙁

With some help from a friend and some careful scan disk from safe mode post-sp2 install it got fixed with minimal loss of data. Only lost a few gb of data, so compared to loosing all 500 gb it was lucky 😀 Anyhow i have been spending my time since getting my system reinstalled and poking holes in a few bugs i’m having with my sound card.

Tomorrow my girlfriend is arriving, and i can hardly wait! I get to spend about 3 weeks with her having a good vacation. During the time we are spending 1 week in Bulgaria. Really exited about going there since i love to travel and experience different cultures. Of course i will post some pics when we get back.
I dont know how much time i will spend on drawing, sketching etc since i want to spend all my time with her, but perhaps some time will present itself.

Closing note; I received my award for finishing second in the polls on (go sign up, and enjoy the amazing community), which is the XNA Xtreme 101 dvd. Im so lucky to get this dvd for free, and so far im loving the content. The game(s) i will be developing through the dvd will of course sneak their devious way onto this site. So keep watching.

So hang tight, keep your chin up. Spread cheer and have a great time ! Cheers !


Okay i started sketching today and last night. Actually got some good sketching done before i realised that apparently windows (hate that system really.. wish painter would run on my ubuntu install) crashed painter everything i tried to save the sketches. So no sketches saved while i visited my girlfriend this weekend.

Anyhow tonight i plan on catching up on the sketching and post a couple of sketches here. So hang tight and keep a whether eye on the horizon :p

Until then .. take care