Another year past…

Its come to be that time of the year once again. The blue orb has rounded the big bright star yet another time, and Swoop got another year older.
The big 2 5 … wow. Kinda itches a little. But by some miracle i can still get out of bed (barely) without making the *uuumph* sound of old people getting up. My eye sight was still able to focus on the tv screen. I didn’t hit any extra walls or doors on my way to work, and i managed to still find the correct bus there.

So what does this all mean ? 😉 Well not alot… from 1½ weeks from now i should be able to pick up the pace on this website again. Been luying dormant for a while now for personal reasons. Wont get into it here, but i will do my best to add some paintings and tutorials.

Im currently writing my own little review of Ubuntu 7.10 now, and so far im really liking it. Everything on my laptop just works out of the box, and only have slight issues with suspend/hibernate now. Its great! 😉

Got to head off to work now since apparently my birthday doesn’t provide for a national holliday… yet!

PS: Thanks to everybody who decided to wake me up early this morning to say happy bday. I appriciate it 😉