New Gmail with English

Okay there has been talk about a new Gmail version lately. I was kinda bummed when i didnt get to colorcode my labels like everybody else.
However the word is not all grey since i found a way to get the new version out quickly; Switch to english languaged Gmail!

  1. Open your settings
  2. Change the language of Gmail to ‘English US’
  3. Colored labels !!

Worked fine for me. Apparently the ‘new’ version has a link to the older version on the top right, as well as colored labels. Look for the colors closely on the right side of the labels box.
Source: Lifehacker – What version of Gmail are you using ? 

New pages

Okay been a few weeks now since the last post. What happened there ?

Well been a nice Easter holiday. Relaxing and achieving way too little as pr usual.  Funny how i usually get more stuff done on regular days than the days were i have a whole week off :p Anyhow back to business. Tomorrow is a boring Tuesday πŸ™

Today i added a little notes section to the site. Primarily to keep small commands, programs and useful tidbits handy. Stuff like creating a SVN repository, common LaTeX commands and stuff like that. Mostly what i use regularly at the university. I will be adding to this collection all the time, so it will probably grow a little life of its own :p

Other than that i established a solid backup solution on my machine at home, and currently waiting for my new hard-drive to arrive so that i can make easy monthly backup of all my data. Cant wait to have yet another problem into the automated things box :p Really love to have stuff automated :p

Other than that nothing fancy happened except in the personal life section, of which im not writing any here. Its just not the place πŸ˜‰ However i DID get to perform for some audiences with magic during the Holiday. We went (the guys from the magic club) to the local Mall and performed for whomever would stop to see us perform a few tricks :p

Oh yeah i also uploaded my Python Pong game, but i password protected it :p Just for the tease of it πŸ˜€

Speedpainting, Pong and paper :p

Okay last saturday i had a great day! Woke up late and joined some friends from the University for a game development day.
In short it was awsome! First i finished my Python Pong game. Basically a game of Pong using Python and PyGame for development. Added some “fancy” graphics and decided that was that small game project, so check out the screens of it running :p

python pong 1 python pong 2

Afterwards i helped some of the other guys getting some graphics work done. It was great fun and i really got back into my old workflow in Painter. Funny how little i used Photoshop, but rather painting simply because im used to the shortcuts :p

Anyhow afterwards i finished off the day with a quick ½ hour speedpainting before heading to a crazy party, so enjoy this new speedpainting as well πŸ˜€

Rocky Landscape Speedpaint

What are we doing today ?

Sorry for the lack of updates on the site. Been really busy seems as good an excuse as anything else, so lets just say thats why πŸ˜‰ Today i got a good laugh from my daily Garfield cartoon, and thought it was worth posting here :p


Whats currently going on?

Well I’m finished with the current round of exams at the University. Didn’t go quite as expected.. but nevertheless I’m finished. So whats going on now ? Well i re-started my programming in XNA. Of course im currently studying hard for once, and really keeping up in all my classes.

So aside from XNA programming and studying i have been working on getting my laptop really really souped up. Been scripting to do my trivial tasks, and also help my bored everyday a little. Getting things pretty nice on the Ubuntu box if only i could get the remaining few applications i want working. Also im serious about my workout right now, and though it may sound cliche I’m eating right, and working hard and its showing!

Programming, painting and magic!

So thats programming, working out and studying. What else ? Oh yeah this week I’m beginning to paint/draw again to help some friends making graphics for games. Also tonight i have my first meeting with the local magicians club πŸ˜€ Cant wait. Been exited about my magic again ever since i met a famous comedian/magician a few weeks back πŸ˜€

So whats in the future of the blog. Well more pictures are comming. I’m aiming for a weekly update with images, good AND bad alike. They may vary greatly in size, so no promises yet. Video recordings will wait until i have a good work flow in Painter again.
Also I’m going to be making a lot more tutorials/articles on Linux and Ubuntu from now on. Have been making many changes on my laptop and have tons of tips and tutorials that might, or might not help you. But i write them mostly for myself, so use if you like πŸ˜‰

Old posts gone missing

had two drafts lying around that i wanted to post. But upon  further inspection only one of them were worth posting for now.

It is about an extremely motivating lecture a professor gave at Carnegie Mellon university. Its really worth the watch for everybody in all walks of life. Watch it and be inspired!

Inspirational lecture – old post:

Direct link to streaming video

Digg article

More from swoop later. It has also been medically proven that swoop is part of a nutritional orgasm for hot women! :p