XNA Xtreme 101 volume 2 arrives!

The good news today just wont end !
For the first time in a week or more I get home at an reasonable hour. Been working all hours of the day (missing out on my previous TV-show watching time) on our Bachelor Project at the university.
So I get home and we finally could take a day off before preparing to defend the paper next week. I am happy and decide to finish the XNA vol 1 videos and get my Cannon 3 ready for further expanding.
Just as I sit down and start the videos with a giddy smile the doorbell rings. Its a postman. Hmm what on earth could be be carrying for me ?! 😉

XNA Xtreme 101 vol 2

So as soon as I am finished with my exams (2 weeks into June) I will be spending at least 1½ hours a day coding XNA and making games. I simply cannot wait! 😀

A big thanks to 3D Buzz for making these awesome tutorial videos!

Cannon2 is done! XNA here I come!

Okay last night I finally finished the Cannon2 game. This time around the game is still coded in win forms, but emulating the way XNA supposedly works even more.

A few “bugs” compared to Cannon1 is that the window can be resized and maximized for now. I wont bother fixing this problem right away, as it is quite trivial to fix and would only waste time.

The scoring visual is intended to stay on screen after the game ends, to make the score visible from the previous game. It is quick and crude, but it works 😀

Version History:

  • 1.1 – Game with scoring system
  • 1.0 – Initial game


Cannon 2 version 1.1

Cannon 1 is completed! (v 1.2)

Cannon 1 a small game you cannot win is now complete. The game is part of the XNA Xtreme 101 video training from www.3dbuzz.com

It has been fun to create the game, and now onwards to create Cannon 2 and Cannon 3.

Version History:

1.2 – Window title is now held in an easily changeable Variable for easy version tracking.

1.1 – Small player score feature implemented

1.0 – Initial game


1 2 3


Cannon1 – Version 1.2

Cannon1 – Version 1.1

Cannon1 – Version 1.0

Prevent Gnome-Do from popping up at logon (Ubuntu)

I found this usefull little tip over at LifeHacker. I was minorly, but nevertheless constantly, annoyed when i booted into Ubuntu. Gnome-Do would pop up, and i would have to click to mouse to make it dissapear.

I as pr. usual just accepted it as one of the little quirks of any system. I have a ton of them in all my operating systems, that i hardly ever notice anymore. I am simply used to routinely doing whatever workaround is available without thinking much about it.

But let us all rejoice and click the link to LifeHacker below and only see Gnome-Do when we actually activate it :p


If you want to run Gnome Do at start up but don’t like it popping up every time u log on ,this tip is for you

In System->Preferences->Session

Click Edit and append –quiet to the command

Gnome Do will now start hidden



Linux Video Tutorials from MartinCo

My friend MartinCo over at 3dbuzz made a continuation of some Linux Video Tutorials I started a while back.

I thought it was an really awesome idea and I am glad he was able to continue and make a few more than I had time to when I started myself. Problem with making video tutorials is that it takes more time than the video itself, and any screw ups means you will have to do a retake 🙁

Anyhow head on over and check out the videos, and the thread:

Linux VTM thread on 3dbuzz.com

Martin’s Mind Wonders (videos themselves)