Updates, hypnosis and books :)

Okay i have been too busy lately with everything to write anything of value here. However as always i struggle to change that… no i am changing that 🙂

Today my two new books arrived, making my backlog of books to read just a little bigger. Both are written by Dan Millman, whom i have come to love the writings/teachings of 🙂 Sacred Journey
of the Peaceful Warrior
and No Ordinary Moments.

In my own journeys i have also come to discover the advantages of a little meditation and hypnosis. So i am deticating some time to studying some self hypnosis, and meditation techniques to help in a stressfull everyday life. So far i really like it, and i have included a link (to the right :p) to a danish Hypnotherapist called Jacob Strachotta whom provides some free relaxation mp3’s (in danish). Also plan to invest in a product or two from his store.

Other than that i can say i am juggleing a busy everyday life right now. Programming alot more though. In fact me and a friend launched Team Bistromath (taken from a random word in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy). We are right now only making small applications that we use ourselves but in the near future (propably weekend) we will begin our first games/mods.

You can follow our progress and mad rambling about code, the sanity of the coders and wierd ideas and bugs here – Team Bistromath

Thats all for now since i have some assignments for class to complete before work. But i can say i will have more articles comming real son 🙂 Thanks for the patience 🙂