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1068015_16571819 Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.
William Penn

Ever wonder were your day went, when you are sitting at the computer ? How much time you spent developing that website for a client ?

Through the time I have tried various little tools to keep track of what I am working on, for how long and possible find out how much time I have wasted on Facebook on a given day. Most of them worked just fine, but in the long run I never used them for longer periods of time. Various reasons for this but mostly the applications just did not fit my workflow, required too much constant interaction or simply didn’t have the features I really need.

I recently discovered ManicTime. Great little application that sits in the background recording your computer usage with little memory footprint.
It allows you to afterwards pull out statistics, tag time periods with specific tasks and/or see most used applications for a given time. Basically everything you need from a time tracking application.

The interface is simple to use and fast to learn. Simply put this little piece of software allows you to get a perfect overview of how you spend your time on the computer. Personally I will be using it to keep track of hours spent pr. project I am working on as it allows me to tag periods of time with specific project tags, and thus get a collected time usage for each project 🙂

You can download it for free from here: Manic Time

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