Week numbers in Google Calendar

Weeks in GCalA feature I have been missing in Google Calendar is a simple Week numbering scheme. Mostly people will be talking about what week they have vacation, or what week number a certain event takes place and I simply hate that my overly used calendar does not display it.

For a while I had a greasemonkey script that added week numbers to my Google calendar. However two drawbacks presented itself with this solution

  • It was a fix local to a specific browser install (e.g. my laptop) and thus had to be installed on all my used machines
  • It had some flaws and I never bothered to find a replacement script (nor code one myself as I’m horrible with dates :p)

Today as we needed to get some week numbers checked for a calendar project, I was forced to find a solution. And by goodness a great solution exists. A calendar you can add to your own, that simply displays the week number. Its both global for all your access to the calendar and it is easy to turn on/off by simply unhiding/hiding that particular calendar.

I am currently also using another public calendar for displaying local Holidays, and I must say I am a bit disappointed I have not done this earlier. But without further ado, rambling, delay, musing and other babble here is the solution Google itself presented when I asked:

Instructions to add week numbers to your GCal:

  1. Add the below calendar, by clicking the URL and accept
  2. Enjoy!

source: http://recover89.googlepages.com/googlecalendarweeknumbers

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