We might experience a little turbulence

More on the ravings of the duck flight. The recent install of Dapper Drake flight 5 seems to be experiencing some turbulence. Mostly small instabilities in various applications, as well as a tendency to hang a little when using up most of the CPU.

However more interesting is not instability of a non-final edition of this marvelous OS 😉
Mark Shuttleworth recently proposed a 6 week delay of Dapper Drake. Mostly to get some features fully integrated and really polish up this release so it can stand out as awsome 😉

What would such a delay mean if its voted as the future. Should the version number still reamin 6.04 ? Should the next release still get 6 months dev time, or be cut by 2 months taken by dapper ? Personally i think that 2 months is acceptable as long as it’s a one time thing. Also 4 months dev cycle for next release wouldnt be bad if the focus was security, stablity and not alot of new features. This would make Dapper +1 even more polished and stable. And after that giving 6 months for new features 😉

But would the Ubuntu project thats become one of the most used distros in a short time suffer bad press from announcing a delay ? Personally i think not, if it’s a one time thing, and since montly Flight releaes would propably still be available thus making progress easy to follow. Also the current flight is as before written quite nice, and i really think that it would have been finished on time, but would rather wait and get more stable and polished release.

Finally i would like to announce that when i get the time i will be going back to using Breezy for the time being. Mostly because i just wanted to check out Dapper, and i really like it. But for now its not stable enough for me to trust with on my university work. I would prefer using Breezy for my project so i dont have any incidents 😀 But im soooo looking forward to Dapper as i think its gonna be a great release, if only the repos keep up with the release and dont make the Breezy “mistake”. Somehow i was dissapointed to not be able to repo install stuff like Azureus when i first switched to Breezy.

Enough ramblin… but if you are feeling like getting a look at the next nice OS check out Dapper, but if you really need everything stable and solid stick with Breezy untill at least Flight 6/final of Dapper 😀 😀

Fly dapper fly !!!

Chuck Norris…

Well it’s that official big cult phenomenomesque thing about Chuck.
This is a link that shows Chuch Norris actually reads about himself 😉 Quite the funny thing to hear him read about his own “accomplishments”.

Oh and to post one of my favorites:

When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris reads his own facts
Enjoy and remember to laugh 😀

Houston we have a problem… maybe ;)

Okay so yesterday my computer decided to play the russion roulette of blue screens.. randomly gave me BSOD. That sucks.
To fix i decide to test the RAM and get a bunch of errors during the test.. when i open up the comp to specifiy exactly which ram are faulty my chipset heatsink falls off.. apparently the “hook” on the MB that held it in place had come off… wierd!
Anyhow im now looking into various options on getting it fixed, or replacing the motherboard… so i should be up and running again shortly 😉

In other news… im heading to bed…

The duck continues to fly…

Im getting more and more impressed with dapper drake so far.
I now have almost everything the way i want it with some more small extras to play around with. Everything is runnin smooth and fast. Encountered a bug with Evolution mail when switching to the calender it would concistently crash, but i almost always use thunderbird anyways. Only setup evolution to try out the calender 😉

What else is new.. oh yes. The streaming in dapper works like a … well it just works 😀 So for the first time since i installed firefox 1.5 on my breezy i have streaming of videos running again. And fullscreen from the steam and everything.. it’s just peachy 😉

Okay plans for the site remains to actually personalise it some day, but untill then i gather i will continue to post tidbits of information, and sometime tonight i should have some posting quality crap ready for the web. Including some interesting digged articles, music reccomendations and rants about all the movies that im going to see in the next couple of months.

Also i would like to personally say this… no matter were you go, there you are.

Dapper drake landed on my lap… top that is ;)

Okay today i found myself with lots of better things to do, but alas poor yorrick (whos name i shall not care to try and spell again) i wound up downloading Flight 5 of the next Ubuntu Linux. To give a short review im extremely impressed with the progress since Breezy, and not to mention how far it’s come since Hoary. For giggles i tried to get Xgl and Compiz working and it kinda did even if i dont have the big known gfx cards. Had some small troubles, but i bet that when it’s finished it will be working smoothly. It got it running rather limited performane, but taking into consideration the poor gfx card i was impressed i even got it running 😀

Anyhow im giving it really really good remarks, grades and other premium marks when i take into consideration it’s not a final. I must say that with the graphical improvements it’s beginning to look extremly nice, and the compiz effects are giving it a nice push towards looking a little like OSX 😉

So what else is new ? Not much really … it’s been a regular weekend, with the regular parties and nothing really interesting to write about. Entertained a little with some card routines and drank quite the spill as usual. Got the apartment straigthned out a little even though im told it wasnt messy. Hopefully i can get my clothes washed one of theese days also 😉

Finally im getting kinda desperate for some new interesting company to end theese boring routine days. Who knows.. perhaps next weekend something interesting will happen. A party with people i dont know… something to end the routine !!!
But what do i know … knowing theese weeks it will be another boring week, with nothing special to do but work and read/study…

Well it’s busy time, but at least i got my food ;)

Im having a busy week so far. Been called into work most days so far since we have almost the whole department sick. 2 are in bed with injuries and 2 are sick … But of course i need to come in since i need the money and hey it’s alot of fun working there 😉

Anyhow school is kinda busy as well, but mostly with trying to catch up on the reading … been quite alot i feel. However we should be getting to more interesting stuff to do since the project work is about to start up. We should be developing a scriping/programming language for mobile applications e.g. smartphones. Should be fun and hopefully we will get some fancy smartphone to toy with 😉

If course i dont have time to mess aorund with this site… im sorry to say. I have 2 website im making for some clients so thats keeping me a bit busy in the spare time that i actually do have. Dont tou just hate it when people dont really know what they want ?;)    But i will of course get back to putting some news on here soon.. 😀

Diamond the size of a planet… oh well not so apparently :(

I remember reading most of Arthus C Clarkes books. Being extremely fasinated by both the Rama series, and of course the 2001 series. During one of theese i remember we visit Jupiter and it’s speculated that because of the massive pressure of the planet, and the planet being mostly gas in the outer layers even life exists there. Airborne creatues of various degress living in hazzardous inviroments were they can only survive on a specific layer of height above the “surface”.

Now the interesting part was that the core of the planet due to the massive pressure would actually be a gigantic diamond never to be seen because of the pressure sourrounding it.

Anyhow a new article it seems we wont be finding a diamond could be somehow visit the core of such a planet. Interesting read 😉

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The lies of the internet continues… tsk tsk

Well some people just dont know neither proper etiquette on the web, or apparently anywere else in life.
Not realising that spreading lies is simply no good, a guy started spreading the story that he got an McDonalds switched to Ubuntu Linux. This was of course good news that a Linux distro was accepted into another mainstream place… had it been true that is.

After finding out he got Dugg, the author of the McDonald’s story admits it was a fake. What’s even more interesting is what happened after the Digg community shined a light on this guy. Since I broke the story, I thought it only fair to be the one to followup on it.

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Site operational again

Hey all.
Had some small downtime here since i accidently deleted some entries in the database during the restoration of another peice of backup for a private forum 🙁
This partly also resulted in this site being briefly named “tja” apparently as some joker decided to try and install my wordpress install i didnt complete.

Anyhow i have now installed it again and everything should be beginning to fill out shortly contentwise 😉