About Swoop

Who am I ?

Does it really matter ? In any case here is a short bio for me (Swoop) and my musings.

Currently a Computer Science student at the local University. I love computer science, but i must admit i favor the practical application rather than theoretical subjects. So i spend a majority of my time studying, or at least supposed to be doing so.
In the spare time i do a variety of things to entertain myself. Mostly i play around with computers in various fields. I blog, paint, read, program and play games. The usual tech geek wide spread of interests.

I recently discovered Twitter and started using that to extend my blogging. I never realised what i should blog about, so i started bloggin for myself rather than a imaginative audience. I write my blog mostly for myself. To keep tips and tricks handy, provide myself with an archive of tidbits i found useful and to take out the thrash. This is for myself and if it can be usefull to others even better 🙂

Apart from my studies and past time activities i also work for a small game development company that mainly produces games for mobile devices. I mainly work on the tools and toolchain which love. I am a person who loves the quest for answers probably as much as the answers themselves. So i am fascinated with the process of discovering solutions and finding answers to interesting problems.

About this site

Mostly a technical blog. I keep useful tech tips, codeing tidbits, links and reviews. As a side occupation i also post my applications, games and artork here.

You can follow me between blog posts on Twitter. My account is ‘swoopdk‘. Aside from this blog i am co-founder of the absolute non-serious page Bistromath. Me and my co-founder, Impero, host all our coding projects there, but hope to setup a small webdesign corner soon and showcase our previous work as well as accept new contracts 🙂

One Response to “About Swoop”

  1. Dusty says:

    Hello Swoop,

    I just thought I’d give you credit where it was due.

    A loooooong time ago I stumbled across a 3D Palace tutorial video by you creating a sci fi city in Corel Painter. That video single handedly set me on the road to become a digital artist as a hobby.

    Years later I realise that I have not had nearly enough practice so I am starting again with Corel Painter, and as ever I have watched your video again to remind me what I am aiming for.

    So I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your hard work. And for inspiring me to learn digital art.


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