Cannon 1 is completed! (v 1.2)

Cannon 1 a small game you cannot win is now complete. The game is part of the XNA Xtreme 101 video training from

It has been fun to create the game, and now onwards to create Cannon 2 and Cannon 3.

Version History:

1.2 – Window title is now held in an easily changeable Variable for easy version tracking.

1.1 – Small player score feature implemented

1.0 – Initial game


1 2 3


Cannon1 – Version 1.2

Cannon1 – Version 1.1

Cannon1 – Version 1.0

SlideShow application by Felizk

Friend of mine, Felizk, made this nifty little sideshow application. Basically just shows images at random from selected folders and allows you to make the current selection wallpaper, copy to desktop (drag and drop) or delete it. Further more you can select folders via drag and drop and also quickly cycle your wallpapers folder and find a new pleasing look for windows.


.NET Framework 3.5

Download: (in Danish)

Direct Download

Windows Live Writer

Okay so one of my mates introduced me to Windows Live Writer. Normally I prefer open source software but lately I have noticed an increasing tendency to use proprietary software that is freely available.

Lately I have also been using my Windows install increasingly as I have been coding XNA and C# and simply love coding in Visual Studio. I found that for day to day tasks my Linux install does most things better than Windows. Small stuff like multiple desktops makes my day easier as I use alot of multitasking.

However heavy specific tasks such as Painting (Photoshop), programming (Visual Studio) and gaming in general. I also use windows only applications for my random html coding’s (I prefer an IDE above pure text editors).

So why not give Windows Live Writer a shot. Also it provides me with the option of inserting nicely formatted code into my posts. I have been searching for a code insertion feature for WordPress for a while, but nothing works the way it should or simply does not work at all :s

So for a while I will be testing out Live Writer to post on the blog. Hopefully it will make my postings easier for me, more frequent and nicely formatted as usual!

By the way; I’m Awesome! :p

Example code:

   1: namespace HelloWorld2
   2: {
   3:     static class Program
   4:     {
   5:         /// <summary>
   6:         /// The main entry point for the application.
   7:         /// </summary>
   8:         [STAThread]
   9:         static void Main()
  10:         {
  11:             Application.EnableVisualStyles();
  12:             Application.SetCompatibleTextRenderingDefault(false);
  13:             Application.Run(new Form1());
  14:         }
  15:     }
  16: }



Pidgin replacement for my aMSN ?

I wish i could say i have been running aMSN for years. It feels like it, and it is almost true. However it has only been about 1 year since i discovered this delightfull alternative to MSN Messenger. Why ? Well i liked the MSN features but disliked the advertisements, extras, games and bloat i didnt need. Also i needed an alternative to use on my Ubuntu Box.

My first experience with messenger on Linux was using Gaim. It worked but lacked some fundamental MSN features since it was multiple protocol based. So i never really liked it as much as using something messenger like.

Finally i stumpled upon aMSN and i liked it. Was a bit buggy but worked for most cases. Back then nothing like offline messages and live spaces was in use mind you. Since then i have steadily been using aMSN for a long time since. Using it exclusively in fact. However i have had my frustrated moments. Mostly with file transfers failing and webcam crashing the application 🙁 But it worked and i was (for more features) using the svn edition which tends to break once in a while.

Gaim become Pidgin

Gaim later changes (Due to several legal issues with AOL and their AOL instant messenger AIM)) its name to Pidgin. I rediscover the application and test it out again. I like the simplistic feel and look of Pidgin and it performs without crashing and seems extremely stable and great. However i quickly find several small but usefull features missing; Personal Message, Offline Messages.

Wanting to use this for my windows box i start searching for ways, or plans, to implement this into pidgin. Much to my despair i find that there either (conflicting statements) isn’t a practical way, nor any way, to implement a feature like the personal (highly used) messages into Pidgin. After long searches i find that apparently this feature is in an upcoming version of Pidgin but that doest do me any good now. I finally find a solution.

MSN Pecan

I discover MSN pecan which is basically an alternative MSN protocal for use with Pidgin that enables the personal messages, offline messages and much more. Im happy!. MSN-Pecan.
I decide to test it out, and low and behold it works great!


  • Support for personal messages
  • Server-side storage for display names (private alias)
  • Partial direct connection support
  • Improved network IO
  • Improved error handling
  • Network issues tested with netem
  • GObject usage


MSN-Pecan is a nice alternative (easy install) to recompiling pidgin from source just to get some of the most used MSN features in what is an amawing IM Client. So if you feel (little) adventurous give Pidgin + MSN-pecan a whirl!


Pidgin – a multi-protocol Instant Messaging client that allows you to use all of your IM accounts at once.

MSN-Pecan – Alternative MSN protocol plugin for libpurple

Audiobooks on my iPod

Okay today i discovered what i thought didnt exist. I have some books in mp3 format, but it was so annoying to make playlist for each book, and having them mix in when i decided to shuffle all songs.

Then i finally found the solution. MP3 to iPod Audio Book Converter

With this lovely little open source application you can take your audiobooks, in whatever format you might have them in, and convert it into bookmarkable m4b files for your iPod. This means that not only will your iPod remember your last listening position in the book, but also display it under audiobooks rather than regular music.
Furthermore should your book be devided into a number of seperate mp3 files, the converter will fuse these together for easy seamless listening.

So far im enjoying it intensively when im biking to and from work, since listening to music actually got a bit boring imho. But listening to a good book (reccomend Terry Pratchets Discworld books) can put a smile on your face 😀

iTunes 7.0.2 Released!

It seems an update for iTunes is available now. I hope this fixes performance issues im having with it on windows. The only thing i use it for right now is basically synching with iPod.. nothing gets played because it’s too slow to be useable.

“iTunes 7.0.2 adds support for the Second Generation iPod shuffle and addresses a variety of stability and performance issues found in iTunes 7 and 7.0.1.”

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